Our Team

Mindful Healing Counseling partners with highly qualified and respected therapists and counselors to address trauma, addiction and issues affecting your mental health. Read more about our therapists to work with one that best fits your needs.

A Team of Qualified Therapists

At Mindful Healing Counseling, our team of passionate professionals is dedicated to your well-being. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, our therapists provide a compassionate and supportive space for you to openly express yourself.

We believe in collaborative work to navigate challenges and foster lasting positive change. Get to know our dedicated therapists who are ready to accompany you on your healing journey.

Michaela Levine - Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Las Vegas, NV

Michaela Levine, LCPC


I’m dedicated to enhancing mental health and empowering individuals to reach their goals. With my counseling expertise and training, I offer personalized therapy sessions that address each individual’s unique needs. By working together, we identify underlying issues and create practical strategies for overcoming them.

Meet Michaela

Hannah Baer CPCI MHC Las Vegas

Hannah Baer,


I’m Hannah Baer, a dedicated trauma therapist focused on empowering clients. Trained in ART and pursuing IFS certification, I prioritize their ongoing growth, resilience, and wellbeing journey.

Meet Hannah

Nicole Tanguay MS, CPC-I - Mindful Healing Counseling

Nicole Tanguay MS, CPC-I


I believe therapy is a transformative journey toward holistic wellness. Operating from a wellness perspective, I address all dimensions of wellness to support my clients in building a fulfilling life.

Meet Nicole

Kenosha Deon Geon

Kenosha “Deon” Gee, CPC-I


I am dedicated to helping clients overcome traumas and provide second-chance opportunities for those who have been incarcerated or struggle with addiction. I’m committed to improving mental health for all.

Meet Kenosha