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to anyone experiencing a troubling period.

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Our Mission

Provide holistic treatment for
emotional trauma, mental disorders, behavioral issues, and addiction.

Our Team of Qualified Experts

Michaela Levine - Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Las Vegas, NV

Michaela Levine

Compassionate caregiver, guiding healing journeys.

Nicole Tanguay MS, CPC-I - Mindful Healing Counseling

Nicole Tanguay

Enjoys working with adolescents and adults as they maneuver through life’s challenges.

Hannah Baer CPCI MHC Las Vegas

Hannah Baer

Enjoys working with individual adolescents and adults facing a wide range of issues.

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Our Team

Mental Health Therapist in Las Vegas

Finding the right therapist can be daunting as the demand for mental health services increases. Our dedicated therapists and counselors are committed to providing exceptional care that caters to your unique needs. Whether you’re going through a breakup or facing addiction, our team is here to help with the healing process.

Our approach is centered on building a strong rapport with each client to create an environment of trust and openness. We understand that every individual’s journey is different, so we tailor our therapy sessions to cater to your specific requirements. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, we have the expertise to help you navigate through life’s challenges.

Understanding & Empathetic Counseling for Every Unique Situation

Every problem, just like your own life, is unique to your situation, and Mindful Healing Counseling is understanding of that. That’s why our professional counselors and therapists are knowledgeable in all aspects of counseling and therapy.

From grief counseling, couples therapy, and depression therapy to addiction therapy, we can provide comfort and recommendations during your time of need.

Depression and anxiety are two very common mental health issues affecting over 30 million people in the US. While these issues are common, very few get the help needed to overcome their traumatic experiences.

Mindful Healing Counseling takes a holistic approach to mental health. By addressing every aspect of your life, we can understand the root of the problem. This allows the patient to move forward in their life.

Comfort, Care, & Confidentiality With Our Licensed Therapists in Las Vegas, NV

Mindful Healing Counseling firmly believes in comfort, care, and confidentiality with our patients. You can entrust our Las Vegas therapists with all of your experiences.

Our therapists take the time to understand you and any experiences that you’ve been through. With caring conversations, our therapists can help you get on the right path to self-help through holistic resolutions.

Propelling your life forward is our highest priority. While addressing your mental health concerns can seem daunting, it doesn’t mean you must go through it alone. Our therapists are happy to provide conflict-resolution behavioral exercises to overcome past trauma.

mindful healing side
mindful healing side

Address Addiction With Our Las Vegas Therapist

Substance abuse is a common issue that’s ever so prevalent in our country. In 2017, an estimated 19.7 million Americans suffered from substance abuse.

Addiction is often associated with a coping mechanism for depression, anxiety, grief, and other mental health issues. Our Las Vegas addiction therapist specializes in identifying substance abuse behaviors. This may help the patient in their path to self-help.

Identifying that there’s an issue is the first step toward healing. The addiction therapists at Mindful Healing Counseling also firmly believe in holistic mental health solutions for all our patients. This can take the form of regulating emotions or performing social or behavioral exercises.

Why Speak With A Las Vegas Therapist?

Therapy often comes with a stigma many people don’t want to be associated with. However, this stigma is a shallow representation of how therapy can benefit a person.

Speaking with a therapist can help you identify and understand your feelings better. Often, we feel overwhelmed or confused about our emotions and may struggle to articulate them.

A therapist in Las Vegas can provide a safe space for you to explore these feelings without judgment or bias, helping you gain clarity and insight into your thoughts and behaviors. This can be particularly helpful for those struggling with anxiety, depression, or trauma!

Build Better Bonds With Our Family Therapist

A family that speaks together stays together. This can be particularly important for families experiencing divorce, trauma, grief, or any other troubling experiences.

Our Las Vegas family therapist specializes in bridging the gap between family members to build stronger connections.

Oftentimes what may help family members are conversations in a safe space created by our family therapist.

This can help identify any problems that family members may be experiencing and address them. Speak with our family therapist today to start a caring conversation.

Start A conversion with a therapist in Las Vegas

Start understanding your mental health with the help of Mindful Healing Counseling. We’re here to provide comfort and care during an important event in your life. Our Las Vegas facility is designed to create a safe space for your mental health. All of our sessions are completely confidential between our therapists and patients.

Contact us today to start a helpful relationship and conversation. Our holistic approach to your mental health is designed to understand the root causes of any mental health issues you’re experiencing. You’ll be able to progress forward in life to reach your own goals!

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