Mindful Healing Counseling

Our Story

Mindful Healing Counseling was started by our founder, Michaela Levine, to create a safe space to provide mental, behavioral, and addiction recovery services.With a holistic approach at the center, she recommended wellness practices to better every patient’s quality of life.

Today, our holistic treatment center has helped many find inner peace through holistic treatment. Mindful Healing Counseling offers services to any individual, child, couple, family, and person seeking assistance counseling. Your mental and behavioral health is our highest priority.

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Our Mission

Provide holistic treatment for
emotional, mental, behavioral, and addiction issues.

We use traditional psychotherapeutic models of evidence-based counseling, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, DBT, Humanistic and Person-Centered Counseling, Mindfulness-Based Counseling, Systemic Based Counseling, Narrative Therapy, and Creative and Expressive Therapies.

Providing holistic and traditional therapeutic modalities allows us to better understand the mental and behavioral health of an individual. This allows our therapists to provide the recommended counseling during a person’s time of need.

Our Values