Kenosha “Deon” Gee, CPC-I

Kenosha Deon Geon

Kenosha “Deon” Gee, CPC-I

Pre-Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Phone: (702) 660-5943

NV State License #CI5051
LADC – 07021-C

Kenosha “Deon” Gee

Kenosha “Deon” Gee is a licensed psychotherapist intern and holds an Advanced Certification in Addiction Counseling from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Kenosha is a highly respected Therapist in Las Vegas. She helps her patients with every therapy session to address trauma at the source. Kenosha earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2017) and Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2021) from UNLV. Kenosha has been counseling since 2020 with her LADC-Intern. She specializes in addiction counseling and is passionate about reforming and second chance opportunities for clients who have been incarcerated or struggle with addiction.